November 21, 2015

BERITS HALSBAND "Berits Halsband" LP & CD reissue

Βerits Halsband were an obscure band from the small coastal town of Hudiksvall, in central Sweden. Their relative isolation allowed the group an artistic freedom that ultimately created one of the greatest progressive jazz rock albums... ever.

In the mid 1970s, Sweden was harboring a handful of jazz bands looking to push the envelope beyond the usual bebop standards or electric noodling. These groups were very much influenced by the North American freaky fusion of Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. Collectives such as Ibis, Ablution, Egba, Kornet, and Archimedes Badkar were bringing that same kind of kinetic creativity up to Scandinavia. And one has to figure those long, dark winters played a role in creating hallucinations even among the most puritan of Lutherans wandering about in their show shoes.

This was the creative environment that Berits Halsband were operating in. Their artistic contribution to the scene, and most distinctive mark as it were, would be the musical crossover to the indigenous Scandinavian folklore of the local wooden dance hall. Berits Halsband's brand of progressive music wasn't dished up through the Zappa blender (like the popular Samla Mammas Manna for example), but rather more of an introspective art school approach. As with other large scale ensembles, the 8 piece Berits Halsband makes full use of its entire membership in unique ways. To underscore this point, consider the prominent use of trumpet, which is often filtered and heavily effected through a wah wah pedal. Their second lead instrument of choice is the lovely flute, often in unison with the trumpet, or as a peaceful solo alternative. And while Side 1 sounds like the best soundtrack to your dream Stockholm vacation, side 2 takes us closer to home, near the Arctic Circle, for some serious deep funk grooves. And here we find some added ring modulated electric piano combined with amazing fuzz electric guitar soloing. All this layered on top of a trance-like bass and a very busy percussion section. While the musical ingredients are familiar, the end result is entirely Berits Halsband - one of a kind.

In conclusion, Berits Halband's sole album is a strange bedfellow meeting of 1974 electric era Miles Davis, combined with the Swedish ethnic rock of Kebnekaise, and the psychedelic pyrotechnics of Flasket Brinner. Yes... it’s that good!
(Tom Hayes)

The rare 1975 LP of BERITS HALSBAND is officially reissued from the original masters in both LP and CD on COSMIC EYE's parent label MusicBazz Corporation (

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100 coloured vinyl + poster + CD   € 27.00
100 coloured vinyl + poster            € 24.00
160 black vinyl + poster                 € 22.00
350 custom discfolio digipack CD  € 16.00

Release Date: 23 Nov. 2015

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September 13, 2015

GREY MOUSE "Twisted Tango" (EYE 014)

GREY MOUSE is an euphemism in Russian, referring to shy, timid, quiet girls that usually stay unnoticed.

In our case, GREY MOUSE are a five piece from Moscow that play music rooted in 70s hard psych rock, but also includes trippy Indian/Middle Eastern infused elements enhanced by the use of diverse instruments as sitar, didgeridoo, jaw harp, banjo. "Twisted Tango" is the second physical album of the band, to be issued on vinyl.

Driven by the powerful bluesy voice of Victoria Barsukova the album kicks off with the stoner heavy psych of "Animalism" and continues in an inventive interplay of moods that switch from hard psychedelic tunes to ethnic somber atmospheres. As the album goes on, the mood floats into a gentle, somber, and very compelling tapestry of ethno-psych. While it is great music to lay back and drift away to, there are parts that will bring you back from your reverie by virtue of their stunning beauty.

This is a music which expands full of diverse sounds and a variety of styles that demonstrate how gifted GREY MOUSE really are. "Twisted Tango" is the kind of length and depth worth getting lost in. Open your ears and mind… 

Sample here.

Limited Edition of 350 copies
- 200 coloured vinyl  € 20.00
- 150 black vinyl  € 18.00

Release Date: 25 Sep. 2015

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March 13, 2015

RIP David Allen (13 January 1938 – 13 March 2015)

I  feel blessed that our paths crossed, although it only through recorded music, live shows and writings... Have a good time Master Magick Brother on the Isle of Everywhere.

Weren't for few ones of a kind like yourself, this label would never have existed.

January 23, 2015