May 3, 2017

CARNAVAL "Miss Universe" (EYE 016)

CARNAVAL are a heavy band from Ljubljana strongly influenced by the early 90s stoner rock and late 80s proto-grunge styles. "Miss Universe" is their fourth full length album and an impressive mix of old school desert stoner, bluesy hard rock, spacey grunge eruptions and psyched-up metal heaviness. The seven songs of the album are all a dense affair of savage massive riffing, fat-heavy bass grooves, downtuned guitars and mind-expanding vocal work that contrasts with the rest instrumentation, adding an hypnotic feel to the music. A mature work of relentless heavy rock that urges you to grab a smoke, sit down and listen to it.

Sample here.

Limited Edition of 300 copies
- 150 coloured vinyl  € 24.00
- 150 black vinyl  € 21.00

Release Date: 5 May 2017

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March 25, 2017


"Echo" is the second album from Kiev's ATOMIC SIMAO and we're privileged to issue it on vinyl, as a follow-up to their successful first LP "Nōdo" of two years ago.

On this sophomore effort, the band abandons the Hendrixian jamming of their debut and takes a long head-dive into funked-up spacerock. The style on this release is a complex instrumental mix of acidic guitar, psyched-out electronica and Middle-Eastern influenced laid back space-jazz feel. A multitude of rhythms are swirling everywhere, funky jazz grooves spice up the recipe the Funkadelic way, and a soaring sax brings the compositions to Gong's "Shamal" era territory and beyond. Adjectives to describe the listening experience: trippy, complex, eclectic, intense, surreal...

Overall, "Echo" is not what expected in comparison to the direct psychedelic jam feel of their debut, but in a way it's a more intense and colourful panorama of cosmic sounds and "down and dirty" grooves. This is beautiful music to zone-out. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the take-off!

Sample here.

Limited Edition of 300 copies
- 150 coloured vinyl  € 23.00
- 150 black vinyl  € 20.00

Release Date: 4 Apr. 2017

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