May 23, 2014


Due to popular demand, we just repressed of one of our instant sold-outs: KIKAGAKU MOYO's debut release. If you wonder how a geometrical pattern sounds, imagine an effortless floating sonic carpet, combining classic 60s folk and psych elements (especially in their more quiet parts where the sitar blends with flowing distorted guitars and audio effects), with a somewhat more heavy progressive feel in the tradition of the early 70s bands which flourished in their homeland (Flower Travelling Band and Love, Live, Life + One in particular). A sound that hovers lazily over the past and expands itself in order to reach today in a precise and energetic way. So timeless!

The new pressing is limited to 500 copies total and comes in three different releases:

a. Special colour edition (100 copies): 22 € Black with splattered white vinyl + silk-screened cover

b. Special black edition (200 copies): 19 € Black vinyl + silk-screened cover

c. Regular colour edirion (200 copies): 19 € Black with splattered white vinyl + normal single cover

Release Date: 27 May 2014

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