November 25, 2013


SPACE SPECTRUM (Germany) "The Red Eyed Queen" (LP)

 FJODOR (Croatia) "Saint Anthony's Fire" (LP)

REVERSED NATURE (Greece) "Into The Limbo" (LP)

September 2, 2013

SEVEN THAT SPELLS "Future Retro Spasm" (EYE 006)

Our sixth release is a reissue of Croatian space psychedelic mongers SEVEN THAT SPELLS 2010 album "Future Retro Spasm", previously available through Beta-lactam Ring Records on CD format only.

A dazzling recording by Croatia’s finest heavy spacerock band, channeling Hawkwind, Igra Staklenih Perli and Acid Mothers Temple in an brain melting labyrinth of disorientating rhythms, exploding guitars, complex sax, bubbling electronics, jazzy calmness and celestial knowledge. Brilliant all the way through!

LP version is pressed on high quality vinyl and comes out in a limited edition of 300 copies (150 color & 150 black). The colored copies come in solid orange. 

Beta-Lactam Ring's description on the 2010 CD release:
"Ferocious iron age percussive propulsion into the inner core of existential angst. STS's psych moves sound like road construction in downtown NYC; a pummeling, from which arises a sublime melodic poetry and the sweet smell of asphalt. Seven That Spells has won the spelling bee by correctly spelling Kraut with 3 umlauts, and 2 Gurus. They are not, however, an Ohr label cover band, their recipe IS leaving the strudel in the rain. After several releases STS definitely has a flavour. The unit forms up on track for track with such precision that the completion of each piece seems like a magic trick. Cosmosis floes leaving experimental eddyie glistening in the light from burning attack ships. Mechanic and destructiw, delivered with John Bonham force. Seven That Spells and seven is."

Sample here. 

LTD EDT (only 300 copies)
150 coloured vinyl  € 22.00
150 black vinyl  € 20.00

Release Date: 10 Sep. 2013

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August 31, 2013

KIKAGAKU MOYO coloured vinyl SOLD-OUT!

Coloured copies of Kikagaku Moyo  sold-out at both the label and distro!

You can still find them at our wholesaler  Clearspot :

To all you psychedelic fuelled freaks out there, thanks for supporting us. And look for our next acieeeed trip to the phuture!

August 19, 2013

KIKAGAKU MOYO "Kikagaku Moyo" (EYE 007 / SER 018)

We are excited to announce the debut KIKAGAKU MOYO release, a co-production of Cosmic Eye and Sound Effect Records. Just released as a Bandcamp download in May 2013, it impressed us so much with its awesome otherworldliness, to the point of requiring instant vinyl availability.

KIKAGAKU MOYO (Geometric Patterns in japanese) started in the summer of 2012 in Tokyo attempting to recreate the spirit of the early 70s japanese psychedelic underground. And they have perfected the art of late 60s influenced psychedelia to breathtaking levels. They enrichen this gentle sound with the use of sitars, percussive drums, theremins, wind instruments and charming female vocals, to the point of sounding powerfully spacious and lazily calm at the same time. And they achieve such levels of invention, to not be labelled traditional revivalists but creators of a modern electric music for the mind and body.

There's a beautiful simplicity to this album no matter how far-out it may sound. Each song builds on a formula of direct yet otherworldly folk/psych vibe to subconsciously evolve into a joyous, haunting, and totally colourful, tribal far-out music. Lysergic mind-expanding landscapes, ghostly rhythms, clouds of uplifting fuzz, swirling guitar excursions into space, water-stained sitar licks and beautifuly wasted vocals guarantee a floating magic carpet ride to the galaxy. KIKAGAKU MOYO are on their own deserted island, gazing the cosmos, hallucinating the million details of the One and firing them right back at us.

LP version is pressed on high quality vinyl and comes out in a limited edition of 350 copies. The coloured copies come in yellow with orange and brownish speckles.

Sample here. 

LTD EDT (only 350 copies)
150 coloured vinyl  € 20.00
200 black vinyl  € 18.00

Release Date: 20 Aug. 2013

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and through  Sound Effect Records here.