October 18, 2014

ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE "It’s All About Delay" (EYE 013 / SER 021 / SPR 018)

ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE is The trademark for instrumental extended improvised grooving cosmic spacerock music in Europe. Consisting of prolific musicians coming from USA, Denmark and Sweden back in 2006, they went into the Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen and locked themselves for a 2 day jamming marathon. More than 5 hours of material was recorded within these two days -absolutely live- and the best of that material saw a double CD release, housed in a DVD case, on Sweden's Transubstans Records (Oct. 2006). One of their most wonderful albums and an ultra tripped-out spacerock marathon in the best Ozric Tentacles, Hawkwind, Gong and Amon Duul II tradition. 

Eight years later, the acid heads of Sound Effect Records, Cosmic Eye and O.S.C. proper label Spacerock Productions decided to co-reissue this long out of print masterpiece on vinyl. The music was mastered specifically for this vinyl release from the original 24 bit mixes by Johan Dahlstrom, who has mastered all previous O.S.C. records. Some of the songs have been edited in an alternative way. One track is extended by 7 minutes ("Tony Blair Witch Crocket Project") plus for "In Her Majesty's Secret Saucer" a new mix was made by Magnus Hannibal (of Mantric Muse fame) who did the original mix of the record. The artwork of the DVD case has now been reworked into a fantastic 4 LP box set with a large poster by the amazing artist, Ed Unitsky.

 Sample here.

 Limited edition of 525 Boxes total, that include:
  • 4 LPs; each LP in it’s own cover.
  • Big poster (70 x 100 cm)

275 boxes: black vinyl € 47.00
150 boxes: orange vinyl € 52.00
100 boxes: green vinyl with purple speckles € 65.00

Release Date: 20 Oct. 2014

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October 10, 2014

2nd joint release expected soon...

Expected the following days. A 4xLP box set release of ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE's "It's All About Delay" second album, previously existing only as a long out of print double CD. Alternative mastering and extended track lengths. Includes big poster (70 x 100 cm). A joint collaboration of Space Rock Productions, Sound Effect Records and Cosmic Eye.

August 30, 2014

REVERSED NATURE "Into the Limbo" (EYE 010)

REVERSED NATURE are a psychedelic jam rock band from Greece. Cosmic Eye presents their debut LP, characterized by a constant lazy flow of sounds, rhythms and voices. Never knowing where it will end, the band travel through long excursions falling somewhere between the drifty murk of space rock, krauty influenced jamming and the psychedelic aspect of some tribal post punk.

Opener "Into the Limbo" sets the mood perfectly, with it's tranced out, almost spacey sounding mesmer; that druggy, drowsy vibe surfacing throughout the rest of the track, sometimes morphing into a grim kosmische sound, other times blossoming into near Savage Republic's tribal post punk, but always shadowy and grey, and darkly dreamlike. Female vocals scream and wail in a P.I.L. ethno mood, then tenderly echo and whisper hauntingly meditative gloom-ragas, over a bed of roiling dark drones, and softly churning guitar reverb. Woozy melodies, bleed and blur into softly undulating sonic tapestries, sometimes tethered to a spare, skeletal rhythm, but often left to float weightless in a sprawl of drowsy shimmer. As the band builds forth, the sound eventually builds to a heavier psych-kraut drift, and then swifts into some rhythmic jam rock, all deep bass drones, pounding drumming, thick murky riffage, eventually launching into EARTH's doomy introspective acid freak-out groove.

Musically, what REVERSED NATURE really display on this album is a contemporary woozy and warped psychedelic jam rock. It's a beautiful work that continually rewards -the more we listen. The perfect soundtrack to a moonlit desert beneath a field of stars.

Sample here.

LTD EDT (only 320 copies)
210 coloured vinyl  € 19.00
110 black vinyl  € 17.00

Release Date: 1 Sep. 2014

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May 23, 2014


Due to popular demand, we just repressed of one of our instant sold-outs: KIKAGAKU MOYO's debut release. If you wonder how a geometrical pattern sounds, imagine an effortless floating sonic carpet, combining classic 60s folk and psych elements (especially in their more quiet parts where the sitar blends with flowing distorted guitars and audio effects), with a somewhat more heavy progressive feel in the tradition of the early 70s bands which flourished in their homeland (Flower Travelling Band and Love, Live, Life + One in particular). A sound that hovers lazily over the past and expands itself in order to reach today in a precise and energetic way. So timeless!

The new pressing is limited to 500 copies total and comes in three different releases:

a. Special colour edition (100 copies): 22 € Black with splattered white vinyl + silk-screened cover

b. Special black edition (200 copies): 19 € Black vinyl + silk-screened cover

c. Regular colour edirion (200 copies): 19 € Black with splattered white vinyl + normal single cover

Release Date: 27 May 2014

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