August 5, 2019

Seirios SAVVAIDIS "Moly" (SER 057 / EYE 018)

Greek musician and singer-songwriter Seirios Savvaidis is the most important figure in the local folk scene for the last 15 years, possessing an edge and originality that sets him apart. His music, influenced by the Greek music tradition and the late 60s/early 70s psych-folk scene, is characterized by a haunted loner folk vibe and a genuine pagan lyricism that shape the mystical, wonderful world of his unique personal style.

In Homer's Odyssey, "Moly" was the herb the God Hermes handed to Odysseus to release his men from Circe's sorcery. "Moly" also serves as the title for Savvaidis' latest studio album, a low-key effort full of excellent tracks of serious acoustic bliss! Seirios' unique blend of acid folk takes the traditional aura of mountain songs and transforms it into pure lysergic folk heaven. All six album tracks create their own unique style with acoustic guitars and tribal percussion; they are otherworldly, haunted psych mantras that expand beyond typical acoustic songwriting. Like with the Incredible String Band, Comus or Nick Drake, these melodies stretch out, meander, get lost, find themselves again, always surprising the listener with their sudden flights of passion. Songs that are complex, sacred, serene... sounding like hymns to ancient gods & demons; dancing to an aura of ecstasy and redemption. 

"Moly" can easily be your lost 1971 acid folk masterpiece; an album that resonates an era where artists were nothing more of just themselves and dedicated their art into creating a unique vision of their universe. A joint release from Sound Effect Records and Cosmic Eye.

Sample here.

Limited Edition of 300 copies
- 100 coloured vinyl  € 24.00
- 200 black vinyl  € 20.00

Release Date: 01 August 2019

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