December 2, 2012

MONTIBUS COMMUNITAS "Montibus Communitas" (EYE 002)

Debut full length from this moody Peruvian ambient neokraut combo MONTIBUS COMMUNITAS which is an AYAHUASCA DARK TRIP's  related band, on the more ritual side of cosmic music. Long instrumental excursions into cosmic electronics with a strong ethnic flavour. This spiritual and melodic piece of cosmic art is a heady collection of ritualistic ethno ambient that manifests and commemorates the holiness of the Peruvian mountains. Mountains Community restore that mantric ambience of Oneness.

Sergio: percussions  /  Pedro: guitar, percussions, pan flute, quena, vocals, organ  /  Carlos: bass  /  Anna: violin, percussions, vocals  /  Paul: synthesizer, traverse flute, vocals  /  Brayan: guitar, percussions, vocals, organ, pan flute, quena

Sample here. 

LTD EDT (only 300 copies with insert)

100 coloured vinyl  € 22.00
200 black vinyl  € 20.00

Release Date: 20 Dec. 2012


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    do you have any U.S. distributors for your releases yet?

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