August 30, 2014

REVERSED NATURE "Into the Limbo" (EYE 010)

REVERSED NATURE are a psychedelic jam rock band from Greece. Cosmic Eye presents their debut LP, characterized by a constant lazy flow of sounds, rhythms and voices. Never knowing where it will end, the band travel through long excursions falling somewhere between the drifty murk of space rock, krauty influenced jamming and the psychedelic aspect of some tribal post punk.

Opener "Into the Limbo" sets the mood perfectly, with it's tranced out, almost spacey sounding mesmer; that druggy, drowsy vibe surfacing throughout the rest of the track, sometimes morphing into a grim kosmische sound, other times blossoming into near Savage Republic's tribal post punk, but always shadowy and grey, and darkly dreamlike. Female vocals scream and wail in a P.I.L. ethno mood, then tenderly echo and whisper hauntingly meditative gloom-ragas, over a bed of roiling dark drones, and softly churning guitar reverb. Woozy melodies, bleed and blur into softly undulating sonic tapestries, sometimes tethered to a spare, skeletal rhythm, but often left to float weightless in a sprawl of drowsy shimmer. As the band builds forth, the sound eventually builds to a heavier psych-kraut drift, and then swifts into some rhythmic jam rock, all deep bass drones, pounding drumming, thick murky riffage, eventually launching into EARTH's doomy introspective acid freak-out groove.

Musically, what REVERSED NATURE really display on this album is a contemporary woozy and warped psychedelic jam rock. It's a beautiful work that continually rewards -the more we listen. The perfect soundtrack to a moonlit desert beneath a field of stars.

Sample here.

LTD EDT (only 320 copies)
210 coloured vinyl  € 19.00
110 black vinyl  € 17.00

Release Date: 1 Sep. 2014

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