July 7, 2013


We welcome the great psychedelic rock band from Tokyo KIKAGAKU MOYO among our family of bands. With a sound that is a cross between late 60s british psychedelic head swirls, mid-80s space influenced neopsych and BANANAMOON's proto prog, it is a release that will certainly make your brain feel like a frisbee...

It will be a joint release with our friends on Sound Effect Records, expected the very first days of September.

Up till then, we wish you all a heady summer.



  1. Looks like another winner, Spyros!

    Have a great summer. See you in September! :-)

  2. Yes Tom, an excellent band, right up your alley :)

    Nice summer holidays to you as well my friend.

  3. will there be any pre-orders?
    Audun, Norway

    1. Unfortunately Audun there will be no pre-orders on this LP, as we will all be away for holidays during summer and it is hard to keep up with mails on an isolated island. However, we will start taking orders right upon the release of our newsletter (mid August), so please feel free to mail me your e-mail address (check my profile in "chrononauts") and I'll add you to our mailing list, in order to place your order on time. You always can see me on Discogs (seller spacefreak) as I'll be selling some items there as well...

      Have a nice, relaxing summer and thanks for supporting the cause.