April 14, 2014

FORTHCOMING RELEASES... early summer 2014

MOOCH (UK) - Mrs Silbury's Delicious Mushroom Flavoured Buscuits (EYE012)

ATOMIC SIMAO (Ukraine) - Nodo (EYE011)


  1. Hi guys,
    do you know the Mars Evcerywhere album? (see youtube and the ezhevika blog) That would be a lost classic ripe for cd/lp reissue by you I would think... Somebody's gotta do it! :-)

  2. You mean the "Industrial Sabotage" album on Random Radar, 1980? I've got a copy of this in my private collection. Wasn't Steven Feigenbaum from Cuneiform Records involved with it, one way or another? I may contact him on that one. Not a bad idea at all Anon.